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Faulty Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Update Leads to Issues


A recently released update for the popular Malwarebytes Anti-Malware solution has caused headaches for many users from all over the world. After the update the mbamservice.exe process consumed an unreasonable amount of CPU power and leading to severe slowdown and system crashes.

The company has already released an update that should fix the problem. It seems that a bug caused the program to overuse the CPU, leading to the issued that were mentioned in the previous paragraph.


How to fix the issue

The issue can be easily fixed by updating the program. This can be done by starting the program and waiting. Malwarebytes will automatically search for the latest update and download it on its own. After the update task is completed a reboot may be needed. The issue should be fixed.

In some cases the computer may become unresponsive if it runs the faulty version of the program. In order to fix the issue you will have to do one of the following:

  1. Stop the program and restart it

The program can be stopped easily by using the Task Manager. Press CTRL+alt+Del at the same time in order to quickly open the task manager.

After the task manager appears click on the processes tab and look for mbamservice.exe In order to terminate process you will have to right-click on it and select the End process. Confirm the choice and wait until it is closed.  Restart the program and wait for the update process to activate. The problem should be fixed after the update is installed.

  1. Reinstall the program

If the issue persists you will have to uninstall the program and perform a new installation. The program can be quickly uninstalled by opening the Control Panel and accessing the Add/Remove Programs feature. Reboot your PC. After the PC boots, go to the official website and download Malwarebytes again. After the program is installed the latest update will be installed and the problem should disappear.

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