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Android 9 Pie Will Reach Samsung Galaxy Note 9 On January 15


It appears that the Pie update is almost ready to roll out for Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It is currently in beta testing, but it will take around two weeks until it will finally be delivered. Samsung has already promised that the update will reach the smartphone in January, and it is nice to see that it has kept its word.

We now have a release date for sure. An official Samsung Turkey site announced that the Android 9 Pie update will arrive on January 15. Samsung hasn’t confirmed this yet, but January 15 is a very believable date for the update.

Beta testing

It makes sense that the Android Pie update is almost here, as beta testing is almost complete. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 reportedly received its latest beta update. In addition to that, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+ already received their upgrade.

The final beta update was released in the United States and India first and it should reach the other countries as well. Remember that not all countries are in the beta program, so not everyone will receive this update.

It appears that the latest Android 9 Pie beta update also brings the January Android security update with it. However, this might be the case just for India, as it appears that the United States still has the December Android security update.

The latest beta update is important because it solves various bugs. For example, the crash of the Samsung Notes app has been fixed, as well as the issue that caused apps to reload when accessed from recent apps screen. The update also brought fixes for the slow response when switching from the front camera to the rear one, or the other way around.

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