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Minecraft’s Better Together Update Postponed


Recent news let down some of the Minecraft’s players who were expecting the Better Together update pretty soon. Apparently, a post on their official website was stating that the updated has been delayed. But this wasn’t really what annoyed the people. The fact that they weren’t even given any explanation was what caused a fuss among the gaming population.

A Shared Gaming Experience

Minecraft players were really excited for the update because it was something they’ve been expecting for so long. Better Together will allow players to share their Minecraft gaming experience with their friends on mobile, console and Windows 10. Any of these platforms will be ways to enjoy the Minecraft world while engaging in competitions and other activities with your friends. And now the players have to wait until the Fall of 2017.

A Matter of Months

Even though the period of waiting time doesn’t seem too long, it is still bothering the players because they had been told that the update should be available until the end of summer. So, since then Minecraft Better Together Update should be available on X Box One, mobile, Windows 10 and Nintendo Switch.

Short History of Minecraft’s Success

Since the initial release of the game, Microsoft was bound to be the next big thing when it came to virtual construction games. Its success was something expected since the game has been somehow influenced by 3 other gaming successes, namely Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress and Infiniminer (Minecraft ethymology reference).  So far, all Minecraft editions (Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Pi Edition, Education Edition) ensured the game’s success. Moreover, at the beginning of the current year, Minecraft managed to sell over 121 million copies around the world. And let’s face it; that is an enormous figure that eventually placed Minecraft on the second place when it comes to sold (games) copies.

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