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Google Earth Update – Meet Your New Tour Guide


Picture the following mental image: you’re at the office, really tired and in desperate need of a vacation. But you don’t have the time, nor the money. It’s not something unusual, really, because daydreaming about a vacation in an ancient place or a traditional relaxing pension is something we do pretty often when we’re at work. Many juice commercial followed this scenario, and why shouldn’t Google Earth do it as well?

Well, it appears that Google Earth is willing to offer us virtual tours of the most interesting traditional houses on the planet. Back then, thanks to Google Earth and Street View we were able to check out our houses from satellite images, virtually visit the streets of places that were unexplored for us.  But Google Earth felt the need of upgrading itself to something even more realistic and maybe a little intrusive? But don’t worry because the company hasn’t breached any law.

Teleport to a Virtual World

Just a few months ago Google Earth released something called “This is Home”, letting our eyes be engulfed in the exciting virtual experience of real traditional houses. Initially, Google Earth offered virtual insight images of only 5 traditional houses from around the world, but recently the number reached 22 houses.

But it’s not only the idea that makes the experience something exciting, but also the cultural impact when you check out Kancha Sherpa’s home from Nepal or when you virtually step into Ms’s Kokoly’s house from Madagascar.

Welcome in!

Most of the images let you explore the interior design of rustic houses, old vintage objects kept in specific areas from generation to generation and many other things. Moreover, some of the pictures even depict the daily life of the people. They let the world see the true-life of the people from Jordan, for example.

It is indeed the easiest free vacation that can offer you a wide variety of cultural landscapes.

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