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Minecraft Xbox 360: Will there be updates?


What is Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 was once one of the hottest console gaming platforms on the planet. Units were selling like hotcakes, flying off the shelf as soon as they touched down. The reason for this phenomenon was that the Xbox 360 was among the best gaming tech of its time – closely competing with PS3.

Why is Minecraft still played in Xbox 360

Naturally, any sane and reasonable gamer would ask this question before buying this particular game version. Since Microsoft acquired Minecraft from Mojang, a lot of comments have been made with regards to the continuity of Minecraft for a lot of the other gaming platforms. For Xbox 360 however, this chatter began when the gaming hardware was discontinued to pave the way for the new Xbox one. Users were actually worried that Microsoft could go the path Apple takes every time they shell out a new iteration of their products. To ask if whether it is a good idea to continue playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360 is polarizing indeed.

If you carefully look around, a lot of gamers out there that will say that it would be better to cut out early and upgrade to the newer version platform, while others would say that the 360 should be good for at least another three to five years.

Will there be Updates

Since the release of the newer Xbox One, a lot if not all of the games from Xbox 360 still received updates from their various developers. Now Minecraft being owned by Microsoft too, should be one of the safest games to continue playing on the Microsoft-owned Xbox 360 platform. Besides, Microsoft promised that it will continue to support Xbox 360 after announcing its discontinuation owing to the large user base that Xbox 360 has. There have been updates, and there will be updates as long as the 360 fan base continues to be a sizable relevance.

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