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Xbox One, Windows 10 PC and Mobile Got Minecraft Update


A while ago Minecraft released the Better Together update and it was one of the most important updates received by the game. Just as the name suggests, the update brought together almost all Minecraft players and it took cross-playability to a whole new level. However, most major updates come with some bugs. After receiving feedback from users, Minecraft decided to release a new update that would fix most of the issues encountered by them. Therefore, players have received Minecraft version 1.2.2

The update fixes several bugs

The last version should fix a number of crashes that kept occurring. For example, the crash that occurred when a player joined servers, the crash in the World Settings screen, the crash that occurred when loading worlds, and many others. Additionally, you will notice that Realms invite links finally appear on Xbox One, the mending enchantment will work with fishing rods, firework rockets can be taken for the Recipe Book and you do not have to wonder about them disappearing, there will be a knockback effect caused by throwing eggs at other players, the incorrect controller tooltips that appeared on several menu screens are now fixed and the Active Status Effect and Chat screen will open when you press d-pad buttons.

New content

You will also notice that version 1.2.2 comes with some new marketplace content as well. Players are now able to enjoy new skin packs, such as Foodies by 57 Digital, Autumn Festival by Noxcrew, Adventure Together by Pathway Studios. Minecraft also released brand new worlds: Abstraction: GRID by Jigarbov, Wizard’s Retreat by Imagiverse, Forbidden Forest by Blockception and Silvermist by Pathway Studios. Finally, the update also comes with two adventure maps: Autumn Mini Games Festival by Noxcrew and Wildlife: Savanna by PixelHeads.

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