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Minecraft Update 1.0.4 – What’s New Here?


Recently, we got the chance to see the release of the software update version 1.0.4 for Minecraft, the Nintendo Switch Edition. The new update introduces some new features to the world popular game, among which we can find 7 new achievements, a new UI engine that saves up memory (which further enables more performance), parrots, llamas, observer blocks and much more.

What Exactly Is Added New?

Well, one of the changes is represented by the Mini Game Heroes Skin Pack, as well as the new 7 achievements. Besides these, you will see a new Biome Scale Slider and the Find Balanced Seed option. Some new Llamas are also part of the landscape, with new mob which you can tame and ride. Moreover, they will also form some caravans when you lead them.

Some Parrots are also added to the game, and you can try letting them ride your shoulder. However, pay attention what you’re feeding them! Woodland Mansions were also added, together with the mobs that inhabit them, namely Evokers, Vindicators and Vexes. You will also see some Explorer Maps, which will help you reach Ocean Temples and the aforementioned Woodland Mansions. The new Cartographer Villager sells them to you.

Among the items that are new to the game you will see Observer Blocks, the Totem of the Undying, Curses of Binding and Vanishing, as well as Spawn Eggs for the Creative Menu for Skeleton Horses, Elder Guardians, Husks, Zombie Horses, Strays, Wither Skeletons and Zombie Villagers. The textures for Mule and Donkey Spawn Eggs have also been updated, and you will also see dyeable beds and the display of status effects on the HUD.

All in all, it’s a very interesting update that brings lots of new and fun stuff to play in the game. And up until now, people seem to love it.

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