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Fans, Disappointed with the Clash of Clans Clock Tower Nerf


It would be safe to assume that the popularity of the Clash of Clans game has spiked a couple of months ago. Even though there has been a surge of interest recently, along with the Builder Base update, the balance patch that was then released has stirred quite a lot of negative feedback. Supercell has recently released the latest patch, which means that lots of units were adjusted and the Clock Tower was nerfed.

Fans’ Reactions

Many fans were quite unhappy with the changes, and they took to App Store and Google Play to express their disappointment. The negative feedback was obviously visible in the game ratings on the aforementioned stores. In fact, the backlash was quite serious, and the rating dropped as low as 4 stars. Players gave lots of 1-star reviews, hoping to get the developer’s attention. Most likely, this won’t damage the game’s popularity, but it will make Supercell pay attention to the backlash.

The Clock Tower is one of the most useful constructions that were included in the May 2017 update for the game. It offers lots of benefits for the free-to-play gamers, which means most of the fanbase. Truth is, the fact that they participate in the game has improved the game experience, but no wonder that they bring nothing to Supercell when it comes to money.

The main point for criticism for Supercell was the fact that their Town Hall 11 update was obviously aimed to players who pay. Of course, there are other improvements for all players, but there is indeed a slight bias if you think about it. The Clock Tower allowed them to compete with the paying players on even grounds until now, but now those who pay have a slight advantage.

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