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The Sims 4 Update Comes With New Features and Rules


The Sims 4 is now getting more and more attention, along with the 7 Toddler Challenge they recently released. According to Sims Community, the gameplay for this new introduction has been seen on the previous live stream for the game, held by SimGuruMegs and SimGuruJM.

Features and Rules

The 7 Toddler Challenge lets each player take care of 7 toddlers, just as the name says. In order to be able to play the challenge, you have to own a household that has at least one young adult. Then, you have to create the toddlers with the various tools you have in Create-A-Sim. Give them unique traits for a more exciting game! Moreover, each of them can never have the same trait as the others.

In the challenge, the adult Sim mustn’t die or the player will lose. If one of the toddlers dies or it is taken away by the child services, then the player must replace it with a newly created toddler and start over the challenge.

What to Do and What Not to Do

In the Toddler Challenge, you can use money cheat if you need. Moreover, you can employ a nanny, a butler or other Sims to fulfill certain tasks. You can also purchase any item you need for taking care of the 7 toddlers. The adult Sims in the Toddler Challenge cannot have a job though, but they can have hobbies, as long as they have time for them.

If you want to start the challenge, then you have to go to Game Options and Gameplay settings. Turn off the Autonomy and then set the Auto Age (Played Sims) option to Only Active Household. Turn on the Auto Age (Unplayed Sims) and the Fill Empty homes, and also choose Normal for the Sim Lifespan.

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