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Minecraft Better Together Update Brings Together a Variety of Platforms


Better Together, Minecraft’s major update is a big milestone for all players, and it is an innovation for all video games. There have been other games that tried to bring together more consoles, but Minecraft is the first one that manages to do that with such a big number of platforms. Also, Better Together is more complex than any other previous attempts and players will discover that the wait was worth it.

The advantages of the Better Together update

The Better Together update manages to unite Xbox One, Windows 10 computers, iOS, Android and other platforms. Therefore, all Minecraft players can come together and play the game, but it comes with other advantages as well. For example, a Minecraft player will be able to start playing on the computer, but if he wants to continue the game after he leaves the house, he will be able to do that on his smartphone. Despite the huge improvement, the game managed to keep its characteristic art style that works on various platforms, and it works smoothly.

Better Together also comes with huge community servers and enhanced visuals, and users received some regular additions as well. For example, the game added parrots, ravines, improved crafting, fireworks and many others.

Minecraft took its time, and that is why Better Together is so complex. Initially, the update was supposed to be released this summer, but then the release date was postponed so that the team can make sure that it has “satisfactorily evicted bugs from the premises”. Minecraft managed to make cross-playability a reality, and it can only be a good sign for gamers everywhere. This might be the first step in the future evolution of gaming, and other games could follow its example.

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