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Downgrading to iOS 10.3.3 from iOS 11 is No Longer Possible


Apple came with some bad news recently. Users won’ be able to downgrade to iOS 10 anymore. That is because the company stopped signing iOS 10.3.3 for iPhone and iPad. Not everyone will be happy to hear that since many users had their own reasons for wanting to downgrade to a previous OS version.

However, we should have expected this, since Apple’s IOS 11 is its most complex software and the company worked really hard to promote it. Therefore, it is understandable why they would abandon older versions.

Users had their reasons to downgrade their devices

Most users will be okay with this decision since they only want the latest OS version on their phone, but there are some who might have wanted to downgrade their iPhones or iPads. There are many reasons, such as jailbreaking. Since it is not very realistic to wait for a IOS 11 jailbreak, many users still hoped for a jailbreak available for older versions. Now that is no longer an option.

Additionally, IOS 11 is still new and many people might want to go back to something that is more stable, at least until more improvements become available.

More than that, not only that Apple stopped signing IOS 10.3.3, but users that have upgraded to IOS 11.0.1 or IOS 11.0.1 won’t be able to downgrade back to the initial release of the firmware, since Apple has stopped signing IOS 11 as well.

It is almost impossible to switch back

With this decision Apple is forcing its users to stick around with the latest OS. You can’t downgrade your device even if you have the old firmware file. Obviously, there are other ways to go back to the previous versions, but none are them are safe at all.

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