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[Download] Best Google Chrome Extensions to Enhance Gmail Capabilities


Chrome extensions can come in handy in numerous situations and they can improve almost everything, from the features of a website to the design of a new tab.  Today we selected the best extensions that work for Google’s Gmail. This email client is already very efficient, but why not boost its functions and make them better. We have a list of extensions that can make your Gmail experience smoother and even more organised. All the extensions below are free so you can give them a try.

Mailtrack for Gmail & Inbox

This extension is ideal if you want to make sure that the other persons has received your emails. Basically, you will get the equivalent of the seen feature that is present in most chat apps. Mailtrack will show you if your emails have been opened and it will display a small tick mark next to the email. And that is not all. You will also be able to see how many times the email was read and the exact time. This extension is perfect for work emails since you can see if your emails have sent.

RightTasks for Gmail™

This extension was made for users who constantly check their mails, especially if they use the email for work. RightTasks allows you to create and tasks and see the task list while you are going through a mail. This way you can set reminders as soon as you finish reading an email, so that you won’t forget about anything.

SMS from Gmail ™ & Facebook™

It can be annoying to constantly switch between your phone and your computer if you want to check your emails and your text messages at the same time. This extension is here to change that. You will be able to receive and send SMSs on your Gmail account on the computer. You can sync the messages by installing the MightyText app.

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