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The Super Mario Run Update Might Bring it Back to Life


Super Mario Run is a side scroller that you can play on your phone. It’s a Mario who continues running and you can control him by tapping the screen. You can play it with one hand and do a lot of stylish moves with a few taps. It has different modes: World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder.

Super Mario Run is free to download but you must pay to play it. A downside to the entire game is that it needs a permanent online connection when you play it.

Lately Super Mario Run has been forgotten by players as it didn’t pose any more interest with nothing added for a few months. But Nintendo is going to release an update that might bring their mobile game to life. The release will be available on 29 September and it will add some new content, for example a new character – Daisy, a new world – World Star, new elements that focus on gameplay, and a mode – Remix 10, which will give you random parts of 10 levels in order to experience new content.

The game will also be able to be played and will allow users to listen to their own music; the funny thing is that even the character you play will have headphones on to show you that he’s listening to your music instead of the game themes.

The good news is also the price which will be half during the period of 29 September – 12 October.

Super Mario Run is Not that Popular Anymore

Even though it appears that Super Mario Run hasn’t risen to Nintendo’s expectations, they won’t give up mobile gaming. Games such as Angry Birds or even Words With Friends had a lot more success than Super Mario Run and are quite popular even now. This would be the status Nintendo has to get to in order to feel like they’ve put a mark on mobile gaming. There’s no telling if this update will bring Super Mario Run back to life, as soon enough Switch is getting Super Mario Odyssey.

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