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Minecraft Adventure Time Mash-Up Available with New Improvements


We have some good news for any Minecraft fan out there. It seems that the “Adventure Time Mash-up has just been released and you are able to purchase it for only $5.99. The new Adventure Time Mash-Up pack is allowing the players to explore the Land of Ooo and the crazy colorful characters that are inside it.

Here is the trailer of the Minecraft: Adventure Time Mash-Up:

As you’ve noticed in the trailer from above, the two worlds are blending in together and we’re pretty sure that it will be a very fun pack for any Minecraft player out there. However, that’s not all, as according to reports, the developers have added some new stuff on the Marketplace that will make your gaming experience even better.

There is also a Summer Mini Games Festival by Noxcrew, which is allowing you to play “blocksketbal,” mini-golf etc. You can also play “Spleef” in a volcano or “Splashdown” on a luxury boat.

You also have a the “The Kingdom of Torchwall,” a survival map that comes with many things that you can fight and explore. If you like to adventure among massive trees, then we suggest you try out the Wisteria Grove.

The new Minecraft: Adventure Time Mash-Up Pack is currently available for the console editions. Keep in mind that the pack has been delayed on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U for almost one day, while the Windows 10 Edition and Pocket Edition will most likely receive it at a later date.

It is great when new features and options are added to Minecraft, but we think that Mojang will need to bring them to all platforms at once, so that all Minecraft fans can access them from day one. With this new update, we’re pretty sure that there are many disappointed Minecraft fans that play this game on Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Pocket Edition or Windows 10 OS.

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