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iOS 11 Tips to Improve Battery Life


Apple has released the iOS 11 beta for testing and users can now download it. This article offers readers a series of tips o how to preserve your iPad or iPod battery life throughout the day using the iOS11 beta.

Steps and Tips

Step 1: In order to detect if there are issues with your battery, go to Setting-Battery and check the list of the apps draining your energy for the past seven days.

Step number 2: To make an economy, you need to disable the background app refresh option. Go to Settings-General-Background App Refresh. By disabling this feature you can save power.

Step number 3: Do not use your provider’s internet and Wi-Fi at the same time. If you are in a place with no Wi-Fi then there is no need for you to keep the option open and vice versa.

Also disable the cellular data option and turn it back on only while using Wi-Fi.

Step number 4: Your battery will not drain as fast if you simply disable Bluetooth & Airdrop when you do not need to use these feature. Simply go to the Control Center and deselect the two features.

Step number 5: If you are not using your flashlight, then set it to low.

Step 6: Widgets give you information without opening certain apps, but they do use a lot of energy. Activate the Today View, scroll down and tap Edit. Then click the red minus button next to every widget you want to disable.

Step 7: Use the low power mode when possible

Step 8: When you do not use it, turn the “Hey Siri” feature off and simply use your hands when you want to activate your iOS assistant.

Step 9: Disable fitness tracking app, iCloud Preferences, Siri suggestions and app notifications.

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