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Minecraft 1.9 Update Levels It Up As An Adventure Game


There are lots of good reasons why you should love the Combat 1.9 Update to Minecraft, but the most exciting part of the update was its weapons options and fighting physics. Yes, in this update, you are given the ability to wield weapons and items using a new inventory slot. This makes it so important because you can keep one sword in one hand and an axe on the other.

You can even match this ability with the use of a shield on the other hand, which should be extremely handy. Although you can always use sword blocking as an option, but it is just not a smart choice, especially when you are going deep into the most challenging routes. You just can’t ignore the Skeleton Riders, which also have learned the ability to domesticate animals.

Despite the fact that Minecraft has been noted for the ability to build interesting things, the major parts of the game still include combat and exploration. As you can shift through your inventory easily, it will be so difficult to pursue if you come across a dilemma, such as a horde of zombies getting all around you.

If you come across the Combat Update, you would think about it as a game that has jacked up a bit. This has fairly gotten some leveling up, which you can easily notice if you are used to playing Minecraft in easy mode.

Well, this is quite an achievement for Mojang to level up the experience for the adventurers out there. This surely gives players like you to protect yourself against them crazy creepers, skeletons, and zombies.

If you are ready to level up on your Minecraft experience, make sure to update your copy from the official website at You can also get cross-platform gaming experience if you get the Better Together update for Minecraft.

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