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Minecraft PS4 Update: The Better Together Update

Minecraft is arguably the best sandbox video game ever to be created. Its creator Markus “Notch” Persson sold the game to Microsoft back in 2014 and has left the game’s future into the hands of one of the world’s biggest tech conglomerate.

This change of ownership had left the future of Minecraft versions played on the Microsoft’s competitor consoles bleak. Minecraft having an immense user base all across the different consoles and platforms available could seriously and directly impact a particular console if say Microsoft stopped shelling out game updates for their particular consoles. A move that could potentially force Minecraft gamers to jump ship and join Xbox or Windows PC just to continue playing their beloved Minecraft game.

Thankfully, Microsoft did not fully go predator (not yet at least) and cut-off the other consoles totally from Minecraft crucial updates, in fact in a seemingly admirable move, Microsoft produced an ‘update’ that would allow Minecraft players to stay with their chosen consoles.

This update is called the Better Together Update. It is basically a way to allow Minecraft players from different platforms and consoles to play with one another. Most of the major consoles and platforms welcome this update by its new owner, but as of writing PS4 remains ambiguous on joining in the fray.

Obviously, a support from Sony Playstation on Microsoft’s move to unite all Minecraft platforms and allow its players to play one common middle ground version would be a welcome sight for all Minecraft fans. But despite Sony’s silence on the matter, Matt Booty expressed confidence that PS4 would eventually jump in the wagon and work with Microsoft for the future of this addictive game.

He further explained that although it sounds easy enough to the outside eye, there are a lot of technical hurdles that need to be addressed properly and carefully first. This may well be one of the reasons why Sony has not allowed the updates to reach their consoles yet.

Check this out for a peak into Xbox One S’ Minecraft Limited Edition Leaks.

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