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Mass Effect Andromeda Platinum Comes with New Difficulty Mode


It’s no secret that Mass Effect: Andromeda wasn’t exactly the best-received game of recent times. In fact, many were instantly put off by it as soon as the first trailers ever hit the Internet. Unfortunately, Mass Effect: Andromeda had low quality graphics and poorly developed characters that just didn’t seem to draw fans in. But many gave it a chance and allowed it to get at least semi-decent, and it did.

Now Mass Effect: Andromeda is a mediocre game at best, but it did manage to gather a steady fan base so that’s good, kudos to BioWare for updating it on the regular. Recently there have been many rumors surrounding the game. Many speculated that it’s getting an expansion soon, one final addition to set everything right, but developers over at BioWare quickly dispelled any rumors that indicated this, proving to us yet again that Internet message board rumors are not to be trusted.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Goes Platinum

However, the game is getting one last addition before it goes into indefinite hiatus mode, namely a new difficulty mode for its multiplayer option. This new mode will be called ‘Platinum’ and it has been teased by both developers over at BioWare and the game’s publisher, the famous EA, responsible for other great names in the game industry. Not that we’re saying that Mass Effect: Andromeda is a great game, because it’s really not. It’s just okay.

The team behind Mass Effect: Andromeda invites players to test out their skills and take everything to the next level with this new difficulty mode that aims to be the cherry that tops off a better than expected turnout in the game’s player score. The multiplayer missions on Andromeda are known as APEX missions, and this new difficulty mode will deal directly with them.

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