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GTA 6 Will Be More Impressive than GTA 5


The Grand Theft Auto game franchise has been around for twenty years, which is an amazing performance in the gaming world. The current installment in the series, namely Grand Theft Auto 5, enjoyed a never seen before level of success in the industry, and it currently holds one of the most impressive fan bases in the entire gaming community. The game also benefits from regular updates, bonuses and expansions that keep its players interested in it.

However, gamers from all corners of the globe are also excited for the next installment in the series, namely Grand Theft Auto 6. Rumors of it have been making rounds on the Internet for quite some time now, which goes to show that GTA fans are some of the most relentless and devoted in the world. And if we’re to take all these rumors at face value, then Grand Theft Auto 6 is shaping up to be even better than the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto 5. Let’s find out why.

What Will GTA 6 Bring?

Before we go any further, you need to remember that these are just rumors we’ve gathered and there is no official statement on this matter from Rockstar at this moment. The only thing that Rockstar has stated so far is that GTA 6 is indeed in the books. The rest is pure speculation. Now, without further ado, here are some of the new features that GTA 6 will have.

  • Female Protagonist – For the first time ever, Grand Theft Auto might offer the option to play as a female character. It was about time we let a boss lady take the reins of the GTA crime world.
  • New Locations – Rumors of new locations include cities such as London, Chicago, Detroit or even New Orleans. We have to admit we’d like to cross the Dixie Line in GTA for once.
  1. 9900 GT says

    female main character let her in

  2. 1 Savage says

    London is really boring… I hope gta 6 returns to vc

  3. ThETrUeGaMeR96 . says

    A female protagonist would bring some interesting things to the table (perverts, Ik what they’ll say regarding their weak intellect and low maturity). In Fallout New Vegas, if you played a female, you could actually seduce Benny into going into his room so you could kill him in private. I believe things like that would make a female protagonist stand out and maybe shut up some of the 3rd wave feminists. I actually prefer a female avatar mostly because many games favor male protagonists. They have the 3 playable protagonists thing they like so much, they could easily have one of the 3 protagonists be female. If not, then I’ll just make a female Online avatar to accommodate it.

    BTW, a female protagonist wouldn’t be the 1st time. I think in the 1st GTA, you could choose 1 of 6 characters, at least one of them were female. But if you said, “1st female in the 3D setting,” it would rightfully be the “first time.”

  4. Shane Keena says

    A GTA in Chicago would be great for a couple of reasons:

    1. Architecture/Views: Imagine waking up in a Chicago Greystone as your house, or even one of the many Frank Lloyd Wright-Designed houses there, and then traveling to one of the many corporate office buildings in Downtown Chicago, with either views of the river, or Lake Michigan. GTA could even have condos and penthouses similar to the system in GTA 5, but with added features and improved graphics. With this level of urban planning, adding the Chicago School of architecture as another layer, and the City Beautiful Movement as another layer, this could vastly improve the architectural resume that GTA has, and even add some of the original examples of modernist architecture. This would also do wonders to the Chicago Economy, and encourage young minds to research these movements, and to visit Chicago.

    2. Game Engine: This would allow for additional shopping opportunities to be added, most notable in the Magnificent Mile, comparable to fifth avenue in New York/Liberty City. This could add a new baseline for the luxury sections of every city, and a new standard for the overall vibe in these sections. This could also serve as a great residential section, with retail on the ground floor, this would serve as a great area for some fun hijinks. With O’Hare International Airport, this could also vastly improve off of a frankly puny Los Santos International Airport, which feels like people are stepping all over each other. This could also shift the action from the south side of the map like Los Santos, and instead have the action lean towards the north side of the map, which would be certainly unique.

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