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iOS 10 Jailbreak Latest News and Updates


Let us just begin this article by saying that we don’t condone jailbreaking here, especially in light of recent events. Jailbreaking used to be fun and relatively harmless back in the day, and it surely was a cool fun way to personalize your iPhone or iPod. As a longtime Apple user, I have dabbled in the practice of jailbreaking once or twice myself. But Apple’s vehement stance against any sort of further actions in this direction means something, namely that we should stop jailbreaking our devices.

Apple Stops Software Signing for iOS 10.3.1

The recent action that Apple took in this direction is more than enough to indicate that they frown upon the practice of jailbreaking. We’re talking about how they’ve just cut off support of iOS 10.3.1, of course. Cutting off software signing support for older iOS version (and iOS 10.3.1 isn’t even that old) means that Apple are doing all that they can to make sure that no one ever jailbreaks iOS again.

And it seems that they’re succeeding in it as well. All recent attempts in this direction have been one fail after the other, and it all was topped off by PanGu promising a jailbreak that never came. Even world famous jailbreakers have started warning against it, such as Luca Todesco, the creator of the Yalu tool.

Jailbreak Demonstrated at MOSEC

The only jailbreak for iOS 10 (and 11, apparently) that has been demonstrated as successful thus far comes from KeenLab, and it took place during the Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) in Shanghai earlier last month. But this jailbreak was done only for demonstrational purposes and it’s unlikely it will ever see the light of day. The conclusion here remains that there is no current viable jailbreak option out there, and maybe that’s a good thing.

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