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Huawei Mate 40 and P50 could use Snapdragon and Dimensity processors


Huawei has shown in the last few months that it can navigate around all the problems it faces. TSMC has confirmed what we all already knew, that the Chinese company will no longer produce HiSilicon Kirin chips, but that does not mean that Huawei phones will no longer be produced. It seems that there are already plans to use alternatives from partners such as MediaTek and Qualcomm. The next generations of Huawei Mate 40 and 50 devices could be made using Dimensity and Snapdragon processors.

Huawei phones could give up Kirin processors in the future in favor of Snapdragon and Dimensity
According to Teme, a so-called “leaker”, Huawei may not have enough stock to equip all Mate 40 models with Kirin processors. The company ordered from TSMC the new Kirin 1020 model, based on the new 5nm architecture, but in September, when these orders are delivered, there will be only 8 million units available in the manufacturer’s stocks. Overall, the Huawei Mate series sells around 10 million units.

Thus, Huawei could turn to MediaTek. Models with Kirin processors could be kept for its main market, China, where Huawei is the market leader. The rest of the units, sold abroad, could be equipped with Taiwanese company’s processors. In fact, Huawei already has a partnership with MediaTek, and its processors in the Dimensity series have proven to be quite powerful and efficient. Maybe until the launch of Mate 40, the company will bring a new more powerful model on the market, which will be at least comparable if not as powerful as the new Kirin chipset.

But the partnership with MediaTek is only part of the solution. Qualcomm, the American chip manufacturer, received a license from the American authorities to collaborate with Huawei since last year. However, due to the new restrictions, the company may have to apply for a new license. Thus, it could only deliver chips from 2021 to Huawei under the new regulation. It is rumored that only the Huawei P 50 series could be equipped with a Snapdragon chipset from Qualcomm. In fact, it could be the new Snapdragon 875. It could be announced this fall, and the launch of the first phones equipped with it should take place early next year.

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