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iPhone SE is especially popular among those upgrading from phones older than 3 years


Despite the outdated design and low autonomy, the iPhone SE in the 2020 version seems to be a real success for Apple. This model is developed especially for those who still had models from the iPhone 6, 7 or 8 families, who needed a faster device, with a better camera and to receive software updates for a long time from now on. It seems that Apple’s strategy worked and even convinced many users to upgrade to the iPhone SE and even caused some Android users to switch to iOS.

Apple convinces many users with old phones with the iPhone SE to upgrade
A study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners revealed that in the quarter ending in June, the iPhone SE was the main source of growth among Apple smartphone sales. The iPhone 11 series is still very popular overall, accounting for 65% of total US sales.

In fact, the standard iPhone 11 model sells best in the Apple range. However, the new iPhone SE model accounts for 19% of all phones that Apple has delivered to customers, even though it was only available for part of the quarter.

It seems that 25% of Apple’s total sales for the previous quarter were in the US people who switched from Android to iOS. Only 9% of total sales were users who switched from Android to an iPhone SE.

In fact, there are statistics about Apple customers. Of those who had phones three years or older, 73% chose to upgrade to an iPhone SE and only 32% chose another iPhone such as 7, 8, XR, or 11. Compared to last year, when iPhone XR was the best-selling model, with almost 50% of the total units, in 2020, the most popular are the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro models, with similar sales shares.

Apple could see a new increase in sales in the fall, with the launch of the iPhone 12 series, which could introduce a new base model, with a smaller screen and a more affordable price than the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 models of previous years. . Of course, the fact that it is rumored that Apple will no longer include accessories such as headphones and charger, could disappoint some fans.

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