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Half-Life 3 Update – Valve Still Gives Us Hope


Despite the fact that Valve is smaller than its rivals, it managed to bring great games on the market, and many gamers are looking forward to see what they will create in the future. It is no secret that one of Valve’s biggest accomplishments, the Half-Life series, has a large, loyal fanbase, and the franchise was a huge success for the company. Therefore, many fans are eagerly awaiting the third installment in the series and that can be a hard thing to do: we don’t even know if Valve will ever make Half-Life 3.

Recently, Valve released a new trailer, and all Half-Life fans held their collective breath. Despite the initial excitement, we soon found out that the trailer is for an upcoming game named Artifact.

Reasons why we can still hope for Half-Life 3

It is known that Valve is currently expanding and they will even move to a larger office next month. They currently have about four hundred people, but new headquarters can mean a larger team, and if they have more programmers they can easily focus on a new project. And what better project than Half-Life 3?

Continuing the Half-Life franchise can also be incredibly profitable. Video games are the business of the future, and the industry can bring almost $100 billion. This, coupled up with the fact that gamers tend to spend more if they love a series, can lead to a serious profit for the Valve company.

Besides that, the company has always focused on the fans’ needs. They pay attention to the community and they tend to give us what we want. And they know that gamers want Half-Life 3, especially after the raging success of Portal 2. It is very unlikely that Valve will miss this opportunity.

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