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Surface Phone Leaks Shows a 3D Camera


Microsoft’s incoming Surface Phone or Surface 2 in 1 device might have a 3D camera. Microsoft has patented it and will use it for their smartphones and tablets. The 3D camera detect what you draw, what texts you write and the gestures you make.

This feature will bring new ways of interacting with your smartphone as it will capture everything you want. The device may have a projector to show you a virtual keyboard and other things. All you need is a relatively even surface on which you can start giving your input so that it could be captured by the 3D camera.

Features for the Patented 3D Camera

Microsoft has patented many designs, including a foldable display. On Patently Mobile we found out about the 3 D camera and what features it has. You can manipulate the radial menu on your display and also use a stylus. The users will be able to capture whatever they want, even their writing. So the 3 D camera will work and will be compatible with the Surface Pen. You can use a stylus, a pen or your finger and the 3 D camera will recognize it.

Will we See a 3 D Camera in the Near Future?

Since they have patented this design, we’re surely going to see it on their Surface Phone. But not all patented designs have become reality. Many patents have been added just so that in the future they could use those designs and have exclusivity.

Microsoft has applied for the patent of their 3 D camera at the beginning of 2016 and it still is uncertain whether they will use it for their smartphones or tablets.

But if we’ll see the 3 D Camera on the Surface Phone, then it will be the most expected and amazing smartphone on the market.

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