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Half Life 3 New Hope – Gamers have a Reason to be Excited Again


Whether you have played the Half Life series before or not, you probably already know about the Half Life 3. This game is the holy grail of Half Life fans and the worst thing is that they do not know for sure if this game will even exist. A few years ago Valve confirmed that this third instalment will become a reality, but that was many years ago and most of the players lost their hope, especially after the Half Life writer stopped working with the company.

Valve gets bigger

Valve did not mention Half Life 3 again, but the gaming company has announced “Artifact”, an upcoming game. While it was not the game that we expected, this could be a good sign. Especially if you consider that the company moved to a new office that will allow many new members.

Taking these things into consideration, and the fact that Valve has always been aware of their customers’ wishes, it is very likely that the company will consider creating the much awaited game.

Also, a while ago the Half Life writer posted on his blog a letter that appeared to describe the plot of the final Half Life game. While the names and genders were changed and he said that the post is simply “fanfiction”, it is hard to believe that this is just a coincidence, especially now when gamers have begun to mention Half Life 3 again.

Half Life was a success

Ever since the first game appeared back in 1998, the Half Life series became a hit. The following version were even more successful, and the same can be said for Portal 2. Therefore, working on a third game would be the smart thing to do and we believe that Valve won’t lose this opportunity.

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