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Bethesda Needs to Refine Fallout 4 VR


VR might just be the future of gaming and many companies try to update their games in order to keep up with this new trend. Virtual reality will offer you a different game experience and you will be able to play in new original ways. Bethesda, one of the most popular developers, is ready to transfer some of its games in the VR realm. One of them is Fallout 4, and many players already had a chance to test a demo for it.

The demo is not very polished

Players had a chance to test out the Fallout 4 demo, but even the Virtual Reality Developers Conference, the latest conference, offered the same dated build that was also available three months ago. However, this is not bad news. It means that the final version will be severely improved, and Bethesda still has time until the December 12th release date.

Controls and gameplay

The demo starts at the Red Rocket station where the player is quickly attacked by mercenaries and feral ghouls. Looking down at the left wrist allows you to check your Pip Boy inventory and the right trackpad allows you to change your weapons.

Pointing the right controller at corpses will allow the player to loot. However, moving your arm away or looking in other direction will make the loot menu disappear, and the same thing goes for the Pip Boy.

V.A.T.S. feels different in VR and it functions differently too. In the VR version activating it will slow down time, but you will need to target your gun manually.

There are some small weaknesses, like the Vive trackpads that make the movement more difficult. Some players also complained about a certain blurriness that made the game look grainy.

With some small improvements, Fallout 4 VR may become a hit and it will attract both old and new players.

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