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[Download] Google Play Store Update With New Tab View UI


Google continues to improve the Play Store and it provides updates constantly for its users. The latest version comes with some new changes that allow the tab view UI. However, this new update is not available worldwide, and only some regions received it already. There are also two other new versions, 8.2.37 and 8.2.38 but it is not recommended that you download them already. You should download 8.2.37 if you have a non-Qualcomm or a Samsung device that had compatibility issues, since this is the only fix brought by this version. On the other hand, you should wait a bit more for 8.2.38 since it is not stable enough right now.

Google Play Store version 8.2.36

This new Google Play Store comes with a brand new tab view AI when you open the and you will immediately see the ratings of the apps. It has been reported that some regions have the size of the apps instead of the ratings. Users might have different opinions when it comes to these two variants. If you own an older device and you have a low storage, you might want to see the size of the app first. The same thing goes for users who don’t want to waste their mobile date.

However, if the Internet plan and storage are not a problem for you, then you might want to see the ratings first so you can know which are the best apps that will offer you the best experience. An ideal option would be seeing both the ratings and the size, but this is not what this version offers, and we do not know if Google will ever come up with this in the future.

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