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GTA V Popular After All These Years – What Makes It So Great?


GTA V is already celebrating four years since its release and the game reached a selling record of 800 million $ within the first 24 hours. The game was a success with over 80 million copies sold so far. The question left is why is the game so popular even after four years?

GTA V offers the whole pack

The game has proven so popular for multiple reasons. One of them is the fact that the game pack does not include just the game, but also plenty of online offers. Gamers enjoy GTA V online because they can play with their friends and do marathons. Is there something better than ordering your favorite food and spending a whole weekend with your friends playing gun battles, racing cars and doing quests? For many this is a perfect scenario, especially since the game has added different activities over the years which include new races, cars and activities. There is always something new to look forward to.

Single Player Content

A second reason why the game is so popular is that there is a lot of single player content as well. There are hours and hours of storyline and missions. The fact that it is an open-game world also helps because it brings hidden stuff that players discover as they wander around.

Fun, fun fun!

Rockstar has put a lot of effort into making the game fun and addictive. Even single players get to do so many activities: fistfights, heists, gun battles or escaping the police. Anything that comes into the player’s mind seems possible in GTA V. An advantage is also the fact that these activities do not affect the main story.

A big mod community

GTA V has a big mod community adding new stuff almost daily. Some mods are based on real-life cities or any other things that might cross moders’ minds.

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