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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs. iPhone X – Best Business Smartphone Comparison


Smartphones are a tool necessary for al us on a daily basis. For businessmen it is both their phone and their digital agenda. Both Apple and Samsung have recently released two very high-end devices the public is already comparing them

Which phone do business buyers prefer?

To compare the two phones from a business worthiness point of view, it is necessary to look beyond the raw hardware.

In terms of design, the most suited would be iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus due to its classic thick metal design. This device has the most suited design, made out of polycarbonate, which protects the screen from side and fontal impacts. iPhone-X, however, is made out of a glass sandwich-looking like type of design, which make the phone more fragile and prone to accidents due to extensive daily use.

Note 8 from Samsung is no better at this chapter due to its edge-to-edge bezel-free design. The design implies a smaller protective case which cannot reinforce edges and provide bezel elevation to protect it.

In conclusion, in terms of design, both phones are equally fragile and it might become just a personal choice which brand to use.

Weight and screen tech

For a businessman, who uses the phone as their meetings agenda and even computer, weight is very important. iPhone is definitely the winner, but it important to remember that an additional protective case will add around 130g to the final weight.

iPhone X uses OLED for its screen while Samsung uses AMOLED for its Note 8. Both devices provide a very good axis viewing angle and contras ratio.

In terms of hardware, iPhone devices might be more useful due to its clock-heavy OS, which is a great help in the RAM department.

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