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Google Earth Download Comes With New Features For iOS, Android And PC


If you download Google Earth, you can get the latest version with a lot of features, including video content, 3D images, and more. Additionally, you can use it for desktop and Android versions.

You can enjoy some of the new features available after you download.

  • Narration – You can listen to the narration of David Attenborough, as Google Earth has collaborated with BBC Earth. For this reason, get short videos on the right corner of Earth View.
  • 3D Maps – In comparison to older versions of Google Earth, you can now see the entire earth in 3D format. Just click 3D on the lower right portion and activate it. You can also deactivate this option and use 2D instead.
  • Ancient Historical Sites – You can also go to historical sites just by clicking the Voyage or History or Lost Civilizations tab. Thus, you can view ancient relics and architecture, such as pyramids and the Stonehenge.
  • Hangouts – Just choose the Voyage tab and you can get in the shoes of artists, such as Hemingway’s hangouts. So, you will be able to take virtual tours via places like Kenya, Samburu National Reserve, and the Galapagos Island.

Google Earth is also available for download intended for iOS devices via the Flyover-Like 3D views with 64-bit support. This major update has brought the collection of new features, as well as 64-bit app support to be able to run on iOS 11 devices.

Apple also announced to the public that it would stop supporting 32-bit apps and would only allow 64-bit apps once the iOS 11 will be launched. So, in line with this update, Google also updated the app for users to be able to discover new destinations. Thus, users are able to explore locations worldwide using a 3D button to refocus Google Maps, as it would begin circling a location chosen by the user. This is similar to the Flyover feature in Apple Maps.


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