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GTA 6 Updates and New Features – Massive Map with Reuniting Characters


Rockstar’s GTA franchise is one that will always remain iconic in the gaming world. Grand Theft Auto 5 was a best seller and it had millions of players. Thanks to its success, most gamers await an upcoming GTA 6 game. There have been plenty of rumors in the past years, but there are few things we know for sure. If you want to see all the GTA 6 news and rumors, take a look below where we brought all the details in one place.

A massive map that combines all the previous ones

Many players seem to believe that GTA 6 will reunite all the previous games in the series. Therefore, many say that this game will combine all the cities from the previous games. The player will be able to explore every single city and relive the childhood memories.

Reuniting all the previous characters

We already know that Claude from GTA 3 appeared in a mission with CJ from GTA San-Andreas. Fans believe that GTA 6 will take it one step further, and bring together all the characters from the previous GTA games. A nice touch would be seeing them old.

Online only game; or support just for Next-Gen consoles

These are two scary options, since they would mean that Rockstar will limit its upcoming game. However, many believe that GTA 6 will support only Next-Gen consoles (next-gen Sony Play station and the Xbox One S).

Another rumor is even worse, and it says that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be an Online Only game. Online only games can be very profitable, but users would not enjoy it that much. And that is exactly why it seems very unlikely that Rockstar will make this changes since it want to please its customers.

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