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A Simple Guide to Google Chrome Themes


There are not too many web browsers out there that are as famous as the Google Chrome browser. This piece of tool made by Google has come a long way from being a simple tool that helps its users browse the web. Today if you truly took the time to learn all the bells and whistles that Google Chrome has to offer you will find out that it is just not a web browser, but it is more like an online toolbox. So if not everything, most of the tools that a user will be needing online is there.

Google has really invested into making their browser as user-friendly as possible due to the fact that browsers are among the top tools regularly used by users every time they are on their computers. They even let Google Chrome users choose and modify the look and feel of the browser to the user’s liking.

This feature is referred to as the Google Chrome Theme and is part of their commitment to making this product as user-friendly as possible. And so if you are somehow finding the current look of your Google Chrome browser’s as somewhat uninspiring or downright unattractive, then you have the option to choose a look that suits you.

Here are the easy steps on how to change the look of your Google Chrome browser:

  1. NAVIGATE TO THEMES – The first step is to Navigate to the Chrome Web Store so that you can select a theme to download:
    1. You can do this by Opening up a new tab and clicking the Apps button located at the upper left corner just under the URL bar. Then click on Webstore and then click on the Themes menu item on the left side panel.
    2. Or you can navigate directly to this URL:
    3. You can also open up the menu box located on the upper right side just under the (x) exit button and then click on Settings > Appearance > Themes
  2. SEARCH FOR THE DESIRED THEME –There are a lot of options in regards to the theme available for download so be sure to take your time. To name a few, the top theme favorites or editor’s picks are displayed first followed by a lot different subcategories. You can see how many downloads each theme has and how many stars its users rated it for.
    1. You can click on each theme to check for more details and to see if it is the right fit for you. By clicking the thumbnail you can see a larger screenshot on how it would look on the browser. You can also read the reviews other users have given it.
    2. The right side panel of the overview will tell you if the theme is compatible with your device. A detail that you don’t want to miss.
  3. INSTALLING THE THEME – If you have found what you are looking for and want to install the theme, then after clicking the theme thumbnail, on the upper right corner look for a button that says “ADD TO CHROME”. This will automatically download and install the theme for you on your browser.

If you want to learn how to manually remove a theme from your Google Chrome browser this is for you.

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