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Bethesda has announced a new Skyrim mode – and this one will really challenge you


If you ever felt like Skyrim is no match for your skills and you wanted to try something more difficult, Bethesda is ready to give you what you need. Skyrim will receive a new Survival mode via its Creation Club. This new mode will be available just for one week, but players will have to play for it afterwards. “Both PC and console players will get Survival Mode free for one week once it launches on their preferred platform,” the announcement added.

The mode has not been released yet, but you can opt into the Steam beta.

Survival mode will test all your limits

If you are curious about the new mode, you should know that the name says everything. Survival mode will manage to make Skyrim more nerve-wrecking than it has ever been. Basically, your character will act like a real human, and it will be affected by all the factors. For example, fatigue, hunger or weather will now be able to affect you.

Also, health will act like real life health, which means that it won’t regenerate. Sleeping in a bed will also be required if you want to level up. One of the worst parts it that the carry weight has been “significantly reduced”, despite the fact that it was already too easy to fill your inventory.

This mode changes everything, and you won’t be able to act as reckless as you used to previously. For example, climate will become really important, and it will be the main criteria for the map division. You will need to prepare before exploring a new climate.

If you like a challenge or if you love to suffer, you will enjoy this new Skyrim mode. Go ahead and prepare yourself for the Survival mode.

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