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Jailbreaking Fans Can Hope Again: Jailbreak Is Possible for iOS 11


Everyone was sure that jailbreak is dead. The jailbreak community is way behind, and it appeared that Apple finally managed to put an end to this. A jailbreak for the latest IOS was out of the question, since no one was able to jailbreak numerous previous versions. However, both Apple users and jailbreak fans had a shock when they hear the latest news. A huge breakthrough was made by Luca Todesco, an Italian developer that is already famous in this community.

Todesco managed to garner root status

Luca Todesco managed to impress everyone when he achieved root status. This is huge news for all iPhone users who were missing the advantages of jailbreak. As it turns out, Todesco achieved this by using a WebKit exploit. This information might mean that a Safari based jailbreak could become available for the latest iOS 11 platform.

The developer is already well known by jailbreaking fans since it came up with some important fixes and jailbreaking, as well as more complex work that was security related. However, there are some bad news as well. As you might already know, Todesco has announced that he left the jailbreaking community. As a consequence of that, the jailbreak for Apple’s latest OS version might be just a personal achievement that won’t become available for the public.

The IOS 11 jailbreak represents new hope

Despite everything, even if this jailbreak will be released or not, it can’t be denied that this is a huge development for the jailbreaking community. If Todesco managed to crack the latest version of Apple’s operating system, it means that it is not perfect and other developers can jailbreak it as well. KeenLabs already made some progress and we might receive a new jailbreak someday soon.

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  1. DB says

    Your first line says “Everyone was sure that jailbreak is dead”; what it should say is “All of us click-baiting wanna-be journalists were sure that jailbreaking was dead”..

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