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Google Earth Pro Latest Version is Available to Download for Free


Google Earth Pro was available for most for a price of around 399$, but now it can be downloaded for free. Google is trying to repeat the 2015 free program offer. On that occasion, the free key had the link broken. Now, the company made the downloading process easier and free of cost.

Google Earth Pro

The Pro version has additional features which are very helpful especially to businesses and companies. With this program, users can enjoy advanced measurement and demographic data. This can be very important for some.

Other features offered by the Pro version is the ability to manipulate and export GIS data, use films to create material, turn back in time with the historical images.

Download Google Earth Pro:

For those interested in the benefiting from Google Earth Pro for free, they need to follow several steps. Firstly, they need to go to the official website and go to the downloading page, selecting the older version. Then click on download and agree to the term and conditions, after reading them. When the download is complete, users will be asked to create login details with their email address and type GEPREE for the license key. Afterwards, it is necessary to check Enable Automatic Login and this will save time next time they log in.

Google Earth is not the same as Google Earth Engine

Many people confuse the two programs and believe they are one and the same. That is not the case. Google Earth is a program which renders a 3D representation of the Earth, while Google Earth Engine is a cloud computing platform which processes data and satellite imagery. The latter provides was developed by Google together with other organizations such as NASA, TIME, Carnegie Mellon University and the United States Geological Survey.

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