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Is Grand Theft Auto 6 a Certainty?


Even if you do not play Grand Theft Auto, you must be aware about all the buzz surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6. Rockstar’s previous GTA game, Grand Theft Auto 5 was a hit and it still is very popular. Four years have passed since it was released, so fans had plenty of time to speculate about the upcoming game.

While Rockstar did not confirm anything, they did mention that a new game will follow if GTA 5 is successful enough. Since there are no doubts about the success of GTA 5, most gamers have already begun to talk about the upcoming game. There were many rumors, but we managed to debunk some of them.  We do not believe that Rockstar will abandon the GTA franchise, but here are some reasons why the game might not be released any time soon.

GTA Online is very profitable

Rockstar might not want to move to something new since GTA Online is very successful. Some sources have reported that the company received over $500 million for in-game transitions alone. Therefore, Rockstar might want to continue to develop this version before they begin working a new game. Sceptics may also say that it is more expensive to create a video game, and GTA Online requires less resources, but it brings some huge profits. Recently, Rockstar released some new updates for the game, including a new mode and a new plane, and they bring new additions constantly. This can prove that Rockstar is busy enough with GTA Online.

Rockstar is currently focusing on Red Dead Redemption

At the moment, the company’s focus appears to be on the Red Dead Redemption game, since they preparing to release a sequel for it. The team is secretive about RDR 2 as well, but the game should come in 2018.

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