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[Download] Google Play Store Version 8.2.58 with Game Changes


Google Play Store is constantly releasing new updates and now a new APK is available for download. In the last month Google released plenty of updates, and this new version follows version 8.1.73, 8.2.32, 8.2.36, 8.2.38, 8.2.55, and 8.2.56. You can find the download link for the APK file below.

Version 8.2.58 comes with some changes

This version comes with some changes, including some visual ones. V.8.2.58 also comes with several bug improvements and fixes. You should also know that this version did not remove the new Game tab.

Before this update, Google brought some major design changes including a new bar for navigation that works like a sub-menu below the existing tabs. This time we didn’t get any big changes, but there is one UI change with a game button.

How to get the APK

There are many users who are not really ok with installing APK files, and they feel safer if they download the official versions. If that’s the case for you, then you can wait a bit more since Google should release the update soon enough.

You should know that the APK file has over 18.27 MB and it works normally and you will continue to get Google updates. Whether you download the APK or you get the official update, it is recommended to keep the Google Play Store up to date since you will deal with less bugs and you will have the best version of the app. Even if an update does not bring any visible updates, you can make sure that it will fix some bugs and issues in order to enhance your experience.

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