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Google Maps Update Procedure On Android


You might have wondered how to update Google Maps on your Android device? Well, the process is simple, which you can easily do as long as you are connected to a stable Internet connection.

Open Google Play Store – Tap the icon on your homepage named Play Store in order to open the app. If you are having problems opening it from the homepage, try using the App Drawer via the center grid and look for the icon and tap it.

Open The Menu Panel – Tap the menu panel at the upper left hand side facing the homepage of the app. This will display the list of features that you can modify or update.

Tap My Apps & Games – At this point, choose the My Apps & Games option, which will display the apps installed under your Google account name.

Search Google Maps From The List – Take note that Google Maps can be labeled alternatively as Maps – Navigation & Transit. The apps are also listed alphabetically, but you should see apps with available updates at the top because they are prioritized.

Tap The Update Button – You should see Google Maps from the list of apps, which may require updating. Then, tap the Update button if it requires updating, or Open button if otherwise.

Updating Google Maps will give you a new feature, allowing you to see your location history for any particular day. Version 9.12 also provides a new Timeline view, which can be accessed via the navigation menu found at the left side of the app.

The latest version of Google Maps – Navigation & Transit should vary based on the device being used. However, Google Maps begins the updated version at 9.63.1 for common mobile devices. The latest edition offers some bug fixes and allows you to become a beta tester, enabling you to try the latest features of the most recent apps before they even become available for public use.

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