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Google Earth Pro Free Download Only Takes A Few Minutes


The Pro version of Google Earth is now available for free. But, it was not a luxury that you can enjoy before 2015. Good thing, Google made a decision to share the app for people to use all over the world.

The link where you can download Google Earth Pro is When you click this link, you will be redirected to the homepage of Google Earth. However, you have to follow the instructions given here in order to get what you want to have without any trouble doing it.

  • On the homepage, click the Older Versions tab from the menu on the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • This will redirect you to the Google Earth Pro for desktop version.
  • Just click the Download button when you have decided to download the free version of Google Earth Pro on your computer.

Take note that it is also an app that you can use for your Mac or Linux computer. So, this is not limited only for the PC version. Upon clicking the Download button, you will be redirected once again to the Privacy Policy page of Google Earth Pro. You are required to read and understand the agreement before you finally click the Agree and Download button below it.

When you click that button, you will automatically download the executable file onto your computer. If you want to install the file on your computer, make sure that you have Internet connection because it will require additional files to complete the installation process. Initially, the file is just 1.1Mb in size, which is obviously insufficient to a complicated program like Google Earth Pro.

You can now create maps with Google Earth Pro’s advanced tools made available for Linux, PC, and Mac. This will also enable you to explore more options that will make your experience worthwhile.

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  1. Kenneth Khayyam says

    google earth is now free if i use a download manager then what you say it may be download little early

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