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Chrome Beta 63 Newest Update Available with Bug Fixes and Lots of Features


With Google constantly releasing updates for its internet browser, Chrome, it is no wonder the later is very popular worldwide. The new update, Chrome Beta 63 brings several changes, new flags page and new options for web apps.

Chrome Home nearly completed

It has been a while now since Google started working on Chrome’s button address bar design. Chrome Home appeared in 2016 and its newest layout was released in August 2017 under the name “Modern UI for Chrome Home”. The address bar and other elements were round.

The Chrome Beta 63 update brings a new flag under the name “Chrome Home Promo” and the description reads “Enable showing the opt-in/out Chrome Home promo”. Another new flag added is “Chrome Opt-out Snackbar”. Its description says “Show a snackbar prompting users to take a survey the first time they opt-out of Chrome Home”. Another change is the removal of a separate flag for the Modern UI. Everything is merged into the Chrome Home flag.

Other features brought by the newest update

A change is the “Minimal UI” for web apps. When the user adds a web page to the home screen, Chrome checks the manifest file of the website so as to understand how to display it. This means that developers have now an extra option to choose from apart from the already available ones: “browser”, “standalone” and “fullscreen”. The new display option is called “Minimal UI” and it makes the web app look like a Chrome Custom Tab.

Chrome 63 also supports dynamic module imports. Device Memory API has been updated and it allows websites to determine how much RAM the device has. The new Chrome for Android shows users prompts of pop-ups. The new flags page allows the user to search for flag with an included search box.

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