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Google Earth Pro Download Available with New Features and Abilities


The free version of Google Earth has merged with Google Earth Pro to become Earth Pro. To make things even better, its tools have been improved and the application has remained free.

We remind you that the Pro version of Google Earth was intended to be used by businesses. In the past the businesses were paying $399 per year for using the Google Earth Pro, a sum which we’re pretty sure that most of you would not pay for an application.

Anyway, two years ago, Google has decided to make the Google Earth Pro free while removing some of its features. The most recent version of the Google Earth Pro is the Google Earth version 9, which was released in April 2017 for Chrome. The Google Earth version 9 also brought the Voyager feature. This feature can be used to view guided tours led by experts and scientists.

The Pro version of the Google Earth application can currently be used for creating and viewing maps on Windows, Mac and Linux. Here are some of the features that this application comes with:

  • Ability to visualize, manipulate and export GIS data;
  • Ability to use measurement tools to compute distances and areas;
  • Ability to use Movie Maker to produce media collateral;
  • Ability to back in time using historical imagery.

The Earth Pro also comes with some improvements such as the anti-aliasing option for Mac OS. The application also comes with general improvements, including support for high-resolution displays, better security and web browser. Also, when you will try to make movies using the latest Earth Pro version, you will notice that the performance has been improved.

A new Repair Tool has been added, which will help you fix things when they go wrong. The tool is able to fix startup issues, but also reset cache data and settings.

Are you using the Earth Pro application on your computer? Tell us your thoughts about it!

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