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Google Chromecast – Best Deals and Offers for Good Gaming


The future of gaming and apps on your TV is here, and if you want to be up for sharing content between all the devices you have on your reach, you will want to grab Google Chromecast Ultra version with 4K and HDR for better compatibility for games like those available on Stadia.

You will find all kinds of deals online, except for Amazon, and the prices aren’t big. Because you will find many versions of the Google Chromecast, we have made a list for you.

Let’s start with the third model of Google Chromecast, with the slightest upgrade to the previous version. It has a small price, but you can’t use it for 4K or streaming above 1080p. Still, it does load videos and content on Stadia. After doing our research, we have found that the best price for Google Chromecast 3 is at Walmart, Buydig and Lowe’s, where you can find it for just $35.

On the other hand, if you want to have the best of the device, you will be looking for the Chromecast Ultra. With it, you will enjoy 4k videos and audios on TV from any devices you have. The prices are higher a little bit, but still it is a good deal. You will find it on Dell, Walmart and Buydig.

Stadia is a game streaming service, so you will find out that it is compatible with any kind of controllers, including PS4. That is a good thing and we have done our homework for you with the best deals you can find. On and you can get one for €52.28.

What about an Xbox? Yes, it’s compatible with Stadia, so let’s check the prices for an Xbox Wireless Controller. at €47.99, at €48.94 and at €50.80.

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