A Quick Look on How to Change Your Gmail Password

Have you ever been a part of a secret club as a kid? You had to know the password in order to climb the neighborhood tree house and be allowed in to take part in all the secrets and missions of the neighborhood kid squad. As silly as that example is, passwords are a reality in our world today. The concept of a password allows us to protect some of our belongings or properties from outside eyes and hands that have no business in looking through our stuff.

The concept of the password has a multiplied its importance when it comes to the online web. With people able to access other people’s computers without being to be physically present is both a blessing and a curse.

Gmail being a child of the tech giant Google has one of the most secured systems as far as online security goes, but there are lapses that even Google cannot prevent and the is the human factor.

The first hurdle would be when you create the password; the second would be keeping it secret; and third would be remembering it.

The second and third one is usually the hurdle that most people stumble on, but luckily Gmail provided a quick and easy way to help people change their password when the need arises.

How to Change the Password

  1. If you are inside your Gmail account and you want to change your password. Click on the gear icon located near the upper right corner of your dashboard. Next, click on the ‘Accounts and Import’ tab and click on the change password link. You will be taken to a screen where you will need to provide your current password first.
  2. The second scenario is if you are locked outside of your account. If this happens, just type in your email address on the log in screen and click the ‘Forgot password’ link just below the password text field. Just follow the instructions and remember to keep in hand your password recovery details.

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