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What are the top free software for DJ?


This article looks at the top free software for DJ. Here, we’ll be reviewing some of the best free audio manipulation tools in the market.

Audio mixing and sound manipulation constitute the basic functions of a DJ. These functions have, over the years, gone digital. And today, as a DJ or music lover, you can run virtually all known audio manipulation techniques with specialized digital tools on your PC. In fact, some of these software are free. And, in the next section of this article, we are going to be looking at three of the most reliable free DJ software in this article.


Top free software for DJ

  1. Cross DJ

Cross DJ is a top-rated DJ software, which is available to users for free. It is compatible with all known operating systems, notably Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The tool stands out as one of the most widely used DJ tools in the market, with a huge client base of millions of users across the globe.

One of the key features of Cross DJ is its intuitive modular user interface, which makes it very easy to navigate for professional DJs, as well as other music lovers and aspiring disk jockeys.

Other notable features of Cross DJ include: Auto beat matching, Players (four), Frequency colored waveforms (customizable), Pitch fader, Beat grid editor, Vinyl control, HID integration, Video mixing, user guide and more.

Download Cross DJ (Free)

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  1. Mixx

Mixx is an open source DJ software, which is available to all and sundry at absolutely no cost. It hosts cross platform support for all the three major desktop OS, including Windows, macOS and Linux.

This DJ mixer hosts a dynamic set of features, which are designed for matching and mixing audio files. Some of these features include: DJ Controller Support, Vinyl Control, Seamless Mixing, Beats Matching, BPM Detection, Beats Looping, Master Sync, Friendly Community (technical support) and more.

Mixx, as stated above, is an open source application whose development is being financed by donations from across the globe. And it is made available to every Windows, Linux and Mac user for free.

Download Now (Free)

  1. Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is a versatile DJ software, which is widely used by professional DJs and music lovers to mix and manipulate audio (and video) files. The software is flexibly built to support Windows and macOS.

Virtual DJ is renowned for its flexibility of usage, as it can easily be employed to record, mix and manipulate sound to achieve desired audio output(s). It executes these functions with its powerful set of industry-leading features. Some of these features include advanced mixer, on-screen previews, effects (audio and video), advanced sampler, tactile remote control (for iOS and Android), video mixer, charts, library manager, powerful audio editors and more.

While some of the above-listed features are exclusive to the Pro (paid) version of Virtual DJ, all basic features are offered for free (for personal/home users).

Download Virtual DJ


As a DJ who is looking to simplify his/her workflow and enhance output quality, we have outlined three durable software for you. Interestingly, all these tools are offered at absolutely no charge.

By adopting any of the tools outlined herein, you can simplify and streamline your DJ workflow, while also improving your “DJing” skills.

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