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Free Podcast Recording Software [Siusto List]


Are you looking for free podcast recording software? Siusto has a list for you.

In the music world, there are several audio recording software out there which can be utilized for the purpose of podcasting. However, we’ve compiled a list of free podcast recording software.


Free Podcast Recording Software

  1. Audacity

Audacity is the most popular free podcast recording software available on different OS such as MacOS, Windows and Linux. Not only is Audacity an easy-to-use software, but it is also lightweight and can record through live streaming audio, line-in jack or even microphone.

With Audacity, hobbyist or newbies can manipulate recordings with some of the best sound effects by using presets such as pitch, tempo controls, speed, reverb, compressor, noise remover, fade in/out, and more. Also, you can expand the basic functionality of this podcast recording software by using third-party plugins such as Nyquist, Audio Unit, LADSPA and VST plugins.

If you’re looking for free software to create excellent podcasts, Audacity might be the exceptional software that you need.

Download Audacity

  1. WavePad Audio Editing Software

WavePad Audio Editing Software is an audi editing software that enables you to record and edit voice and audio recordings for making podcasts.

With this free podcast recording software, you can edit, manipulate and add effects to recorded podcasts. Besides, WavePad supports various file formats such as gsm, wma, mp3, vox, au, flac, ogg, aif, and more.

Nevertheless, WavePad is available on various Operating Systems such as Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Also, there is a WavePad app for Kindle devices.

Download WavePad

  1. Garageband

If you are looking for a MacOS-only free podcast recording software, Garageband is the perfect solution for you. Not only is Garageband free, but it comes with any Mac computer; hence, Mac users should easily find it on their PC.

On the other hand, Garageband is applicable in carrying out multi-track recording and minimal sound mixing work. Therefore, hobbyist or newbie recordist will find this solution ideal for recording podcasts on their MacOS computers.

Download Garageband

  1. Free Sound Recorder

Last but not the least on our list, Free Sound Recorder just as its name implies is free podcast recording software developed to record any voice or sound.

With Free Sound Recorder, you can record voice from the external microphone which will be of high quality after recording.

In addition, Free Sound Recorder can be utilized to record any sound played on your PC such as audio broadcasts, Skype, music from YouTube, VoIP phone calls, and more. Also, you can create a schedule for recording sounds on your PC whether Windows or Mac OS.

Download Free Sound Recorder

Conclusively, there are other free podcast recording software which could have made our list. Some of which includes Traverso, Virtual DJ, LMMS, Ardour, Hydrogen, and others. Nevertheless, we do hope you are able to make your choice from the list of software we mentioned above.

If you have any question regarding the podcast recording process, let us know by placing a comment below.

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