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New Skype for Web Only Works on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome


Microsoft has just released the new Skype for Web, but not all browsers will support it. The popular video calling app will only work on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Users on Apple Safari, Opera and Firefox, cannot access the app.

Although not officially mentioned in their press note about the new Skype for Web, a spokesperson Microsoft replied to VentureBeat that the service needs “calling and real-time media” tech that is “implemented differently across various browsers.” Microsoft prioritized only “Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome based on customer value.”

This might be upsetting to many users, but it’s not a surprise, considering that Microsoft has warned other browsers that Skype will only support Edge and Chrome.

Microsoft’s spokesperson also stated that the only operating systems supported by Skype for Web are Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.12 or higher. Meanwhile, the app will continue to support a bigger range of operating systems.

It seems that only Chromium-based browsers like Brave or Vivaldi support the web application.

Skype for Web Features: HD Video Calls, Search Box and More

According to the blog post on Skype for web app, here are all the features users should expect to see:

HD video calling – Video calls in individual chats or group video calls are now HD.

Call recording – record important calls.

Notifications panel – there’s a new section where you can see what you’ve missed while offline – click the bell icon and check out everything from mentions in conversations, reactions, quotes to your messages and click each notification to go to that conversation.

Find within conversations – there is a search box where you can add a word or a phrase to find a message in the current conversation.

Chat Media Gallery – find files, links, or photos in a gallery where everything you share or receive in a conversation is stored.

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