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Google Allo is Getting Shut Down – Restore Chats and Media Files


If you are a fan of Google Allo, then we have some really bad news for you. The native Android chatting app is being shut down today. Although, there’s a slim chance that anyone reading this is a fan of Google Allo since the reason why the chatting app is being shut down is because no one is using it. Google Allo was released back in 2016 alongside Duo, but unlike its counterpart, the adoption for Allo was small and most Android fans don’t even know what it does. Therefore, Google’s decision to stop supporting Allo shouldn’t shock anyone.


Google Allo is Getting Shut Down

Google is renowned for taking great ideas and turning them into powerful apps, but the Android parent hasn’t had that much luck when it comes to chatting apps and social media. Google Plus was a failure and it was shut down. Now, Allo is following in the steps of Google Plus.

Nonetheless, Google wanted to make sure that people who used the app can back-up their chats in case they might have some important information stored in the chat history and it listed a short guide on how to do this. We are going to present the guide right now, but we advise all Google Allo users to hurry up because they don’t have that much time until their chats get delete.

How to Restore Google Allo Chats

Android fans who want to copy their chats, media and other types of files that the shared via Google Allo need to use the “Download your chats and media” feature which can be accessed by following the next steps: Tap on “Menu” – Access the Settings Panel – Tap on “Chat” – Now pick “Export messages from chats” or “Export stored media from chats”.

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