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Forza 7 on the Xbox One X – Amazing World of 4K


Car racing games are some of the most popular in the gaming world, and all for good reason. One of the best ones I can think of is the fact that driving actual cars, let alone race cars in actual races, is a very hard task. In the imaginary world of car racing games, you don’t need to know traffic rules or how to drive altogether. You just have to be really good with that controller or keyboard.

So when Microsoft announced that Forza Motorsport 7, one of the most spectacular games in this genre, is coming out for the Xbox One and PC, but also specifically for the Xbox One X, we were more than excited. Car races are generally seen as glamorous and dazzling, so you’d expect the games carrying this theme to be too. And Forza 7 does not fail to deliver on this. But how does it behave on the Xbox One X, formerly known as Scorpio? Let’s investigate.

The Amazing World of 4K

The Xbox One X is one snazzy piece of new technology due to the fact that it’s the first ever console that makes 4K gaming a thing. Although other consoles before it offered 4K support, the Xbox One X is the first one to offer full 4K integration. So how does this translate on Forza Motorsport 7? We have to keep this answer short and sweet: simply beautifully. This particular games combined with the amazing technology behind the Xbox One X’s graphics is so immersive it feels almost like VR.

And the game itself is pretty great in itself as well. It offers a myriad of tweaking options that will make any enthusiast squeal with glee, and its campaigns are challenging and fun. What more could you want?

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