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Fix Most Known iPhone XS Wi-Fi Issues


Network problems are quite common and they occur for anyone. However, this does not make them any less frustrating. If you have an iPhone XS and you want to learn how to deal with WI-Fi issues, look no further. We have all the solutions you need in this article.


Troubleshooting is the first step

Before you do anything, you should start with the troubleshooting procedures. For example, the cause for your Wi-Fi problems might be a simple one. Make sure that you are close enough to your Wi-Fi source. Sometimes distance is the issue, and you just need to move to a closer access point.

However, if the problem persists even when you move close to your source of Wi-Fi, this means that there is another cause for it and you need to try to fix it.

Check the router or the modem

In many cases your network issue might be related to your wireless router or modem. Therefore, you should try power cycling these devices. In order to do that you need to turn off your wireless modem or router. Look for the Power button and press it.

Make sure that you also disconnect the device from the source of power. Wait for a couple of seconds, or even a couple of minutes and then plug it back in. Press the Power button to turn it on and see whether the network issue is still there.

Restart the Wi-Fi

If the first solution did not work, the problem might be with your device. Try to restart the WI-Fi on your phone. In order to do that head over to Settings and then open the Wi-Fi menu. Toggle the Wi-Fi on and off a couple of times. If that does not work you can also try resetting your phone.

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