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Samsung Galaxy S9 Gets Android 9.0 Pie Update Sooner Than Expected


Android 9.0 Pie update has been under a test period in the last few weeks and was promised for release in the final version in January, but the company is making a Christmas surprise, launching the final version for some users.

According to SamMobile and several users on Twitter and Reddit, Samsung released the final version of the Android 9.0 Pie version with the One UI interface in Germany, the Netherlands and Slovakia, probably going to have it available in the next few days. Users report that the software is dedicated to the Galaxy S9, but not the phablet released in August, Galaxy Note 9, the company’s current top model.

One UI wants to change how large screen mobile phones are being used, by encouraging the positioning of the buttons in the bottom half of the screen for quicker access with one hand. Also, there is now a possibility to display a dark version of the menus, with black background, something that will certainly help to conserve the battery, as all Samsung devices are equipped with AMOLED screens.

In general, Samsung is late for updates to new Android releases, waiting for the next generation of phones to offer new software on older models. Currently, only Galaxy S9 and Notes 9 are getting the update, with the S8 and the Note 8 coming soon. The Galaxy S10 will probably be the first model to include One UI pre-installed from the factory.

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